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Galeana Font Family

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Galeana Font Family

Galeana Font Family
Galeana is a flat-sided sans serif typeface that features a closed aperture. The font is a reinterpretation of Latin American-flavored typefaces used for European editorial designs such as Plastique and Zembla magazines. This superfamily consists of 4 subfamilies: Compressed, Condensed, Standard and Extended. The heaviest and narrowest variants—created at the early stage of the design process—resemble the slender trunks of the Galenas (African tulip trees). The other variants have an extended width, which evokes the broad crown shape of these trees. Galeana comes in 48 styles and contains 417 glyphs that support over 200 Latin-based languages. The font performs well for mid-length text and it is the perfect choice for headlines, editorial design, brand identity design, advertising, social media and use on Tv.

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