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Clother Font Family

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Clother Font Family

Clother Font Family
Clother is a striking series of fonts built for use in branding, corporate design, and corporate communication. Its sans serif letterforms are geometric, and the fonts support dozens of languages, plus four different writing systems: Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Latin. This broad linguistic coverage, unified by a single graphic vocabulary, enables companies who use Clother to deploy their messages across a good portion of the global marketplace, all while maintaining a consistent visual style.

The Clother family includes four fonts: Light, Regular, Bold, and Black. Each font’s character set includes 997 glyphs. The letterforms feature more personality than you might expect from a geometric sans. This quality is particularly visible in the fonts’ lowercase “f”, “g”, and “y”, although the “K”, “k”, “W”, and “w” also have rather unique forms. Strengthening Clother’s geometric girding, its fonts’ lowercase “a” and “g” are single-storied. Like the open counters in the “f”, “g”, and “y”, they contribute to the very rounded feeling that is present throughout the fonts’ lowercase. Dots on the letters “i” and “j”, as well as the punctuation marks and dot-based diacritics, are drawn with circular forms. Clother’s letters have low stroke-contrast; they are almost monolinear in their appearance. The lowercase letters’ x-height is not particularly high, and the fonts’ ascenders are taller than the height of the capital letters. Clother’s default numerals are proportional lining figures, but tabular lining and proportional oldstyle figures are also included.

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